Selamat Menduduki Peperiksaan

Pada hari ini pelajar-pelajar tingkatan 5 dan tingkatan 4 menduduki peperiksaan pertengahan tahun 2010. Sementara itu kelas menengah rendah peperiksaan akan bermula pada 18.5.2010. Diharap semua pelajar akan bersungguh-sungguh menunjukkan kecemerlangannya sebagaimana yang dihasartkan .Andalah bakal pemimpin negara jadi anda mesti cemerlang dalam semua aspek. Doa dari kami seluruh warga sekolah agar anda sentiasa beroleh kecemerlangan.


wanrosaini said...

Do you have what it takes to be a doctor?

I list below some attributes of a good doctor, in no particular order.

• Knowledgeable - Whilst it is an important attribute, it is not the most essential.

• Patience and perseverance - You have to have this especially when life is hard in the beginning.

• Dedication - Medicine is a lifelong commitment.

• Compassion - Your patients need to know that you care. Learn to listen well.

• Honesty - Admit mistakes and learn from them.

• Warm personality - Often a doc­tor-patient trust develops instantly the moment they see you.

• Willing to learn - Never be afraid to ask whatever you don't know. Be a good student.

• Willing to teach - Impart the knowledge. Share the skills. Teach oth­ers what they don't know.

• Have an analytical mind - An astute doctor continues to think and doubt even his own diagnosis.

• A good team player - As a doctor, you are always part of a team of health­care professionals. Work together for the benefits of your patients.