Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sehari Bersama Angkasawan Negara

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia dan Kementerian Perpaduan ,Kebudayaan ,Kesenian dan Warisan dengan kerjasama Moz@c mengadakan program sehari bersama angkasawan negara Datuk Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor pada Sabtu 14 Februari 2009 bertempat di persekitaran sekolah kita dari jam 0900 pagi hingga 230 petang.Tuan Ketua Pengarah Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia En Raslin Bin Abu Bakar merasmikan program di dewan Sultan Muzaffar Syah.
Ketibaan Ketua pengarah dan Angkasawan Negara disambut oleh kepimpinan sekolah dan diiringi ke astaka untuk sessi Jom Baca dan Mari Membaca Bersama. Acara di dewan didahului dengan nyanyian negaraku, Negeri Melaka , bacaan doa, persembahan wind Orchestra dan koir sekolah.11 buah sekolah diberi sumbangan buku dari ketua pengarah melalui pengetua masing-masing.Selepas upacara perasmian tetamu dibawa untuk sesi bersama wartawan.
Sesi kedua adalah lawatan ke bilik R and D dan Sesi Motivasi bersama angkasawan di dewan diiringi tayangan video selama 45 minit.
Selepas makan tengah hari , pelajar dan tetamu berpeluang mendapatkan tanda tangan di astaka daripada angkasawan.Terima kasih untuk Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia,Alumni ,PIBG , sekolah jemputan, guru dan pelajar Moz@c yang menjayakan program ini. Syabas.Sila ke forum untuk membuat ulasan .

Penipuan Amerika Mendarat diBulan ?

Web Astronomi yang menarik


Anonymous said...

tk admin ...pantas cikgu upload bahan ni...admin ni siapa ye?..

Anonymous said...


Dr Hazdiana said...

waah,such a great event!!
sharing is caring ryte??
actually,sheikh muzaffar juz came here..
its fun=p..
but we're having exam that time..
but,really glad of muzaffarians!!!!
miss mozac a lot..
the most when i see my beloved teachers..
pray for me..
all the best..

Ishak said...

i miss that main event...

eQeEn! said...

great event..
miss mozac too~

Anonymous said...

Ms Ivy's question was left unanswered...
I quote,
"What was the outcome of the research of protein crystallization and cancer cells?"

Anonymous said...

ask any questions through this link

Anonymous said...

Protein crystallization is a technique that helps resolve the structure of the protein. I do not know what relation you are trying to setablish with cancer cells.

spa said...

dont u think that the answer for miss ivy's question is a gov secret..?? i must be something to do with that..thats why he keep it secret..

Hairul Azizi said...

I miss it..
Congrats 2 MOZAC..

Anonymous said...

to the third ANONYMOUS,
I wasn't trying to establish any relation between the protein crystallization(hell I know what it is)and the cancer time read before you debate...because those are the two out of the other researches carried out by sheikh muszaphar at the ISS...there's no connotations or relations between them I know that so don't try to act like a smartypants here just because you study those kind of things...
The research was carried out outer space so we want to know what was the outcome,
looking back in retrospect, I wasn't asking what is protein crystallization but I was asking on the improvement of his research...
so obviously you, mr. smartypants, are trying to show off here and all im saying is just go back to slutdom

and to SPA,
if it is a government confidential,
he should have mentioned so...

k said...

i totally agree with the 11th anonymous..
i mean..
sheikh muzaffar is a Dr. by proffesion...
n i tink the results of an experiment by any way shld not b top secret..
if some one had did something good in the outer space n achieved good results he'll surely publish the results mass media n not keep it a secret..
only people who dun succeed n dun even noe wat r they doing actually wil sit down n do nothing bout the results..
of course we as malaysians r proud of him..
but the results r still unknown..
n we as RAKYAT now feel agrieved n doubt that there was even a result..
so the smarty pants anonymous shld actually tink nput tis..

11th Anonymous said...

that's what I'm saying k,
if the outcome were to be made confidential,
then we shouldn't be expecting any impact to the world of Malaysia science and medicine..,
We should be proud of him,
I am proud of him,
but contemplating on the purpose of Space Science...
which obviously is not meant for posing in front of cameras etc

d@rKCl¥d3™ said...

btw he had shown that m'sian also can become an astronaut...
before this astronaut is just a dream for m'sian kids rite..

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we can really call him an astronaut..
coz to me he is more like a space traveller..

Anonymous said...

ala acap ko xdpt jd astronaut, jgnle ko nk jeles !!!

ASYRAF A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
d@rKCl¥d3™ said...

ta elok men tuduh org..
ble guna name anonymous tu..
biasanya ta mo org taw sape dye..
n scara tak lgsg...
tak de sape bleh tuduh sesapa..
coz blog nie open kn..
acap maybe rite..
or maybe he's the one who's writing it..
but it's still random rite...

ASYRAF A said...

x puas tol la camni..
I'll put on my opinion..
I think he should at least tell a bit of what he'd done rather than going stealth and incognito..
coz this would actually makes people doubt if there was even a result to the millions spent..
tudoh2 aku plak..

ASYRAF A said...

kenapa mesti aku dipersalahkan for all the crap going on!!
x sihat betul debat kau org nih..

Anonymous said...

sejak bile korang tuka uniform pasal ade special event baru pakai cani..wah!impressed!

-si manis mozac 9599-